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Burouj My Home..

587 Talat Harb St. Narges Buildings , New Cairo , Egypt

Burouj My Home A Professional Company Specializing In Engineering , Investment And Project Management Construction .   We have a precedent business in several cities including (New Cairo - Obour - Shorouk - Badr - Hurghada) Where we have implemented nearly 30 projects, AS We distinguished by the latest designs and their diversity , We have done so by recognizing that our success has been and will remain , Depends on the work practices on the basis of advanced professional , We realized that achieving leadership is impossible without the trust and satisfaction of the customer And meet his needs in the search for high-class accommodation , At an appropriate price associated with engineering development For Locations and spaces needed to operate .   Our motto:   (Honesty - accuracy - credibility - commitment - uniqueness)     Our Services: -   Burouj My Home offers An integrated package of services for the client including engineering, technical, marketing and sales aspects.   As we break the rules to be the tool of the client to achieve His objectives and gain satisfaction through our experience and vision for that, as we are sure that our success is linked to customer satisfaction and achieve His objectives.   Company Activity:   (Design - implementation - supervision - extraction licenses - general contracting - posts - finishing - decorations - selling cash and facilities units with the lowest provider and the longest payment period - Sale and purchase of land - the implementation of home furniture )